Paul Lloyd
Sellerly Limited

Over 25 years winning business in the IT sector, Paul Lloyd has become a well-respected sales and marketing professional, specialising in managing teams to deliver well thought-out, effective sales strategies. He helped to take a business from start-up to over 100 staff and £80m revenue. Since then, Paul has worked as an Interim Sales Director to a number of household names in the cloud and security markets, responsible for revenues up to £100m a year. Recognised on the prestigious CRN A-List, Paul is an engaging speaker and a member of the Association of Professional Speakers. He regularly gives workshops on the subject of sales and marketing for small businesses. Paul’s wealth of experience and deep knowledge of the latest sales methods and social media marketing techniques have helped organisations grow by over 30% a year on average. Through Sellerly, he’ll work with you to define your sales proposition, develop your sales process, recruit and performance manage your sales team, select and implement CRM systems, create growth plans and new propositions, and build your sales campaigns. Find out more about how Paul’s ‘Sales Manager as a Service’ could help you

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