Author & Creator of Helpdesk Habits
Helpdesk Habits

Mark Copeman is the author and producer of the book and customer service video training program, Helpdesk Habits https://helpdeskhabits.com

Mark presents corporate videos, is a conference host, consults for small business and mentors for the Prince's Trust. He is also the founder of Wisecurve, a content and product studio which creates bespoke video series to embed culture and tactics, form habits and make real change.

A serial entrepreneur, in April 2018, Mark sold his 50% share in the 1-click customer satisfaction SaaS tool, Customer Thermometer, after 8 years of growth. Previously, he built and sold two content marketing agencies, Twist Media in 2006 and 8:45TV in 2014.

Outside of work, Mark enjoys life in Bray, Berkshire (the home of the Fat Duck restaurant) with his wife, son and daughter. He loves to travel and run (when his knees allow) and likes to pretend he’s cooking for Gregg and John in a Masterchef competition, whenever he can.

He is also looking for contributions to his new book - MSP Secrets. If you're interested - visit the Helpdesk Habits stand.

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