Clem Craven Photo
CSIRT Training Lead, BT Security

Clem Craven is the Cyber Security Training Lead in Protect BT, the area that protects BT itself from the myriad of threats that it sees and deals with daily.  He runs the Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRT) Training Team which comprises training for both the technical and nontechnical elements that make up Protect BT.  He comes from an extensive policing and military background having served with the Royal Air Force Police in the operational and instructional capacity and has over 28 years of experience in the Policing, Counter Intelligence and Cyber Security Fields.  As well as teaching, he is responsible for mapping out the training paths for over 80+ personnel who make up PBT, thus having a bespoke pathway mated to the skills and capability of the individual and to also address the needs of the business.

He holds CISSP, CompTIA N+, CompTIA S+ and ISO 27001 qualifications.

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