Clem Profile
Senior Cyber Security Training Lead
BT Security

Clem Craven is the Senior Cyber Security Training Lead in Protect BT (PBT), which is a specialist team within BT Security. He leads the training team within the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT), which is responsible for teaching cybersecurity teams, both technical and non-technical elements to protect BT from the myriad of threats. Over the past 3 years, he has helped redesign the strategy, process and direction of cyber training in BT Security, an area that has over 2600 people and is growing.  He introduced the Cyber Awareness courses, which have been designed and are delivered in house, as well as the CompTIA cyber road map. This is so all teams, technical and non-technical within PBT and the commercial parts of BT Security, are baselined and able to progress to more specialised skills.

He is the SME with regards to training and certifications for contracts that BT security engages with. Provides guidance and direction with career learning paths and consultancy, on what is needed for the numerous cybersecurity teams and projects that BT has both internally and commercially.  Ensuring that what is delivered is industry recognised and exactly what the business needs.  He constantly reviews the courses to meet the needs of the future, not the past.  Responsible for the training paths of over 80 people who make up PBT and an SME advisor to the other areas of BT security. This is to ensure that each individual and team has a clear direction and path with regards to the skills and qualifications needed.  Within the commercial space, He provides the training capability and consultancy for the myriad of systems and solutions that BT deploys.

He comes from an extensive policing and military background being an ex-serving member of the Royal Air Force Police with over 29 years of experience.  22 years of which were as a police officer and as a Counter Intelligence specialist.  His roles encompassed being a specialist in Physical Security, Personnel Security, Information Assurance, Document Security, Counter-Espionage, Counter-Terrorism, Counter Subversion and Cyber Security.  He has carried out these duties wherever HM forces have been involved and deployed around the world. 

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