aaron_saxton_from LI
Director of Training & Education

One of Manchester’s most accomplished teachers, Aaron made the move from mainstream education to head up training and development at award-winning hosting firm UKFast in 2013. During his 12 year career in teaching Aaron became the face of modern education - fronting the Training and Development Agency’s national recruitment campaign ‘Get into Teaching’. He was also recognised as a National Ambassador for Teaching.  Spending seven years as a teacher and Head of ICT at The Dean Trust in Greater Manchester, Aaron played a key role in the development of the computer science curriculum, online learning environments and strengthening links between the schools and local businesses.

Since joining UKFast Aaron has transformed the standard expected of training and education in the private sector. He has created an award-winning and industry-leading apprenticeship and education programme at UKFast and led the project to build and run the firm’s own digitally focused free school in partnership with The Dean Trust http://ukfast-deantrust.school/.

As a result of Aaron’s and the team’s innovative approach to apprenticeships and education, UKFast has been highlighted by Ofsted for its exemplary work introducing vendor qualifications into apprenticeship programmes.  

Aaron believes that in order to improve the digital skills labour market there needs to be significant investment in the talent of the future. The UK is becoming a rich source of digital talent in Europe and for the country to become a true global superpower in this space, businesses, vendors and educational establishments need to collaborate.

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