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Company Overview

Customer Thermometer helps the world’s most customer-obsessed businesses get 1-click email feedback on how they are doing. Founded in 2007 by Mark Copeman and Lindsay Willott, the service has customers from the Fortune 500, through to sole traders from across all industries.

Every day, around the world, thousands of people rely on the service to give and receive real time feedback.

No longer are consumers and businesses willing to answer 10+ question surveys, following a simple transaction. Instead, with the advent of 1-click feedback, response rates are climbing again. Many of our customers report 80%+ response rates, which means feedback can become meaningful again.

Embed 1-click feedback in your ticket closures

Service recovery is a key part of Customer Thermometer’s ethos. If a recipient clicks a red light, you know a customer is unhappy, you can be alerted in real time, to deal with the problem and stop customers leaving.

Create real time alerts

Our Thermometers enable you to ask recipients one question, with (up to) four possible responses. Each question can be answered with a single click from within the email itself.

There are three types of feedback survey available:

  • Embedded Thermometers – you send the survey embedded in an email, via a 3rd party system, such as a helpdesk / CRM system.
  • Signature Thermometers – you add the survey to your regular email signature, e.g. in Outlook, Gmail 
  • Email Thermometers – you send out the survey directly from the application, to a contact list you have uploaded

Once a recipient has clicked on a response from within the email, they are taken to a ‘landing page’ thanking them for their answer. You can customise this page and include a comment box if you wish.

Acknowledging feedback

Watch your real time results come in... and take action.

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